Graduate Studies

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Graduate School is a world renowned instution with excellence in research and graduate education as its core mission. The tremendous breadth of academic resources at UW-Madison offers students a wide selection of supporting coursework and interdisciplinary opportunities, including persuing graduate studies in the field of polymer engineering. With the faculty of the Polymer Engineering Center holding appointments in both the Department of Mechanical Engineering and the Materials Science program, our students span both departmnets either as MS or PhD candiates.

For more information regarding graduate studies, the following websites may be of value:

Master of Engineering, M.Eng.

Polymer Science

In addition to the traditional MS and PhD programs, a Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) in Polymer Science is offered on-line through the Department of Engineering Professional Development (EPD). This interdisciplinary program prepares engineers and scientists for professional practice in the polymer industry. Graduates are typically employed by the plastics industry or by other polymer manufacturing businesses.

UW-Madison has attained international recognition for its research and teaching in polymer engineering and science. Students may be admitted with a bachelor's degree from any of the physical sciences, such as chemical engineering, chemistry, engineering mechanics or mechanical engineering. The program is administered by the Department of Mechanical Engineering, through which students must first be admitted for graduate study. The degree is ideal for practicing engineers and scientists who are not able to leave their positions in industry and attend classes on campus.

Admission Requirements

All candidates must meet the admissions requirements set forth by the Graduate School and the Department of Engineering Professional Development (EPD). For the most current requirements, please visit the EPD Website.

Degree Requirements

For the most current degree requirements, please visit the EPD Website . A minimum of 30 post-baccalaureate credits are required for the Master of Engineering: Polymer Science degree. Coursework is selected from the following polymer courses and relevant graduate-level electives chosen by the student with approval from their faculty advisor. A minimum of 15 ME credits are required, including ME417, ME418 and at least one 700-level ME course.

  • ME417 - Introduction to Polymer Processing
  • ME418 - Engingeering Design with Polymers
  • ME419 - Fundamentals of Injection Molding
  • ME508 - Composite Materials
  • ME570 - Experimental Mechanics
  • ME573 - Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • ME699 - Independent Study
  • ME708 - Advanced Composite Materials
  • ME717 - Advanced Polymer Processing
  • ME718 - Modeling & Simulation in Polymer Processing