The Graduate Program

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Graduate School has an excellent program. Fostering excellence in research and graduate education is the mission. University of Wisconsin-Madison is spending more on research than any other public university in the nation. And, UW-Madison consistently ranks among the top universities for the number of doctoral degrees awarded. The tremendous breadth of academic resources at UW-Madison offers students a wide selection of supporting course work and interdisciplinary opportunities.

Master of Engineering (Polymer Engineering and Science)

In addition to the traditiona MS and PhD programs, a Master of Engineering is offered with an option in polymer science. This interdisciplinary program prepares engineers and scientists for professional practice in the polymer industry. Graduates are typically employed by the plastics industry or by other polymer manufacturing businesses.
UW-Madison has attained international recognition for its research and teaching in polymer engineering and science. Students may be admitted with a bachelor's degree from any of the physical sciences, such as chemical engineering, chemistry, engineering mechanics or mechanical engineering. The program is administered by the Department of Mechanical Engineering, through which students must first be admitted for graduate study. The degree is ideal for practicing engineers and scientists who are not able to leave their positions in industry and attend classes on campus.

Admission & Degree Requirements

The candidate must first be admitted to the graduate school through the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Applicants should clearly indicate "Master of Engineering -- Polymer Engineering and Science" on their statement of "Reasons for Graduate Study."

  • Thirty 30) credits of required polymer science courses are required beyond the BS degree.
  • At least 18 credits must be formal lecture or laboratory courses.
  • At least six credits must be formal lecture or laboratory courses numbered 600 or higher.
  • At least three credits must be formal lecture or laboratory courses numbered 700 or higher.
  • No more than six credits of independent study and no more than two credits of seminar are allowed.
  • No transfer credits are allowed.

For complete program info and registration form, visit the Office of Engineering Outreach.

Certificate in Polymer Engineering and Science

The Polymer Engineering Center and the Rheology Research Center now offer the Certificate in Polymer Engineering and Science. This certificate program is designed to help technical professionals deepen their understanding and knowledge of polymer engineering.

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Continuing Education and Distance Learning

The faculty of the Polymer Engineering Center have made available a number of off-campus technical courses in polymer processing. Individuals wishing to take classes for credit, or companies wishing to rent or purchase courses should contact the Office of Engineering Outreach.