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American Plastics Council (APC)

Industrial Quick Search
Industrial Quick Search, Inc. is comprised of product/service specific vertical directories. They are one of the top resources for finding products, services, manufacturers and suppliers. The IQS industrial directory system aids qualified users in their search for products and services and provides market specific listings and preview ads that help the user determine the best match in their search process. The current featured site is Injection Molded Plastics.

Plastics Technology Online

Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE)

Society of the Plastics Industry (SPI)

Plastics Engineering

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Applied Rheology Center

Wissenschaftlicher Arbeitskreis Kunststofftechnik
We are official members of the WAK, the Scientific Polymer Technology Alliance (Wissenschaftlicher Arbeitskreis Kunststofftechnik). This is an alliance of Polymer Technology Professors, primarely in Germany. However, there are three international members (from Slovenia, Belgium and the United States). Membership is by invitation only. Tim A. Osswald was the first international member accepted into the group.

Plastics International offers actual dissertations in the plastics processing area as a free download in collaboration with the Wissenschaftlichen Arbeitskreis Kunststofftechnik (WAK).

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Genesis Enterprise Center
Genesis Enterprise Center (GEC) is an incubator for start-up and expanding small businesses. They offer a unique entrepreneurial environment that supports the success of small companies by providing below-market rental rates, shared services and business assistance. Their primary mission is to act as a catalyst for economic development and revitalization in South Madison by attracting businesses that create challenging, well-paying jobs.

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Easily locate the web site of over 1400 Madison area businesses.

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