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Distinguished Teaching Award presented to Prof. Tim Osswald

June 5, 2012

Professor Tim Osswald received the Pi Tau Sigma-Distinguished Teaching Award on April 25, 2012. The award is a recognition of outstanding devotion and skill in teaching in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Wisconsin Madison.

12th International Polymer Colloquium

April 17, 2012

Sponsored by Evco Plastics, Moldex3D, The Madison Group, and the SPE-Injection Molding Division, this year's International Polymer Colloqium took place the 6th of April, 2012. Polymer professionals from Asia, Europe, South America and the United States met for this annual event in Madison, Wisconsin, USA, to present the latest technical developments in polymer technology.

12th International Polymer Colloquium - Group Picture.

The program of the event can be downloaded from the link below:

12th International Polymer Colloquium - Program

PEC just installed a BOY XS injection molding machine for both thermoplastics and LSR processing

December 6, 2011

The BOY XS injection moulding machine is very compact,requiring a footprint of no more than 0.74 m². It is a micro injection moulding which allows to achieve a perfect reproducibility of the shot volume. A small 12 mm plasticizing unit and the innovative control ensure absolute precision, repeatability, and ease of operation. The machine can be even operated out of the classroom.

The new BOY XS injection molding machine at the Polymer Engineering Center.

The machine installed at the PEC has two interchangeable barrels for either thermoplastic or Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) processing.

General Technical Data:

  • Max. Screw Stroke: 40 mm (1.57 in)
  • Clamping Force: 100 kN (11 ton)
  • Tie Bar Clearance (horizontal): 160 mm (6.3")

Thermoplastic equipment:

  • Screw Diameter: 12 mm (0.47")
  • L/D Ratio: 19.6
  • Max. Stroke Volume: 4.5 cm³ (0.27 in³)
  • Max. Injection Speed: 24 cm³/s (1.46 in³/s)
  • Max. Injection Pressure: 3130 bar (45.4 ksi)

LSR equipment:

  • Screw Diameter: 14 mm (0.55")
  • L/D Ratio: 16
  • Max. Stroke Volume: 6.1 cm³ (0.37 in³)
  • Max. Injection Speed: 30.5 cm³/s (1.86 in³/s)
  • Max. Injection Pressure: 2300 bar (33.4 psi)

For more information about the machine, please visit the Dr. BOY website.

UW-Madison student wins the WAK-Prize 2011

November 11, 2011

The Scientific Polymer Technology Alliance (WAK) awards six prizes for outstanding research in polymer engineering every year. This year, the prizes were awarded at the Technomer Conference in Chemnitz. The prizes are issued for three different categories:

  • Wilfried Ensinger Prize - for research on the development of technical plastics for innovative applications
  • Oechsler Prize - for research on methods and approaches for the development and design of plastic components
  • Brose Prize - for research on the development of new processes and technologies in the processing of plastics

This year, our student Katharina Kurth won the Oechsler Prize for best master thesis in the area of simulation. The thesis title was "Simulation of Fiber Motion within the Fountain Flow Region in Injection Molding".

The prize winners of 2011.

The PEC is now on Facebook

September 28, 2011

We've now joined Facebook. If you already have a Facebook account, we hope you will find this a useful way of getting news from the Polymer Engineering Center and communicating with us, too. Please consider becoming a fan of the PEC on Facebook by clicking the "like" button !

UW-Madison engineers help Resilient Technologies reinvent the wheel

April 6, 2011

In military combat, vehicle tires are critical, as blown tires can mean troops are stranded in dangerous situations. Wausau, Wisconsin-based Resilient Technologies is working on a non-pneumatic tire with a honeycomb-like design, which can't be shot out and could save lives

Prof. Osswald and a group of students are partnering with Resilient to develop the tire and help the company grow in Wisconsin.

Look through the prototype of the non-pneumatic tire

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