CAPCE Sponsors

The Industry/University Cooperative Research Center for Advanced Polymer and Composite Engineering (CAPCE), was established by the National Science Foundation. CAPCE has three research sites: the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Ohio State University, and Florida State University/Florida A&M University. CAPCE is a university-industry-government collaborative initiative to create, integrate, transfer, and apply knowledge of polymer engineering and processing. It is aimed at enhancing the competitiveness and effectiveness of companies involved in design and manufacturing of plastic components or production of manufacturing and sensing equipment related to the plastics industry. This consortium provides a formal means for the Polymer Engineering Center at UW-Madison and its industrial collaborators to jointly set up a research agenda, share expertise and resources, validate research outcome, educate a preeminent workforce, and facilitate two-way transfer of technology.

Multidisciplinary research activities covering important aspects of polymer engineering, such as materials processing, sensing and process control, rheology and material characterization, process modeling and simulation, as well as the development of innovative processes and materials will be conducted with direct input from the consortium members. The industrial consortium members will benefit from leveraging its membership funding, receiving objective, first-hand research results and training for application and implementation, harnessing the collective wisdom of UW and industrial participants, as well as accessing a group of career-ready students with relevant experiences.

Membership levels

Industrial members participating in this consortium contribute monetarily to support the research and consortium activities. The contribution structure for the consortium members for 2015 is listed below. Companies contributing the Full and Thrust membership will be invited to join the Advisory Board that supervises the PEC research.

Annual contributions for consortium members

Membership Categories Cash Contribution
Full members $ 45,000 or more
Thrust member $ 35,000
Affiliate members $ 10,000 or In-kind

Full/Thrust Members:

Former Members: