Processing and Characterization of Vitrimers

Vitrimers are an emerging group of materials with very attractive properties from both thermoplastics and thermosets. The uniqueness of vitrimers is the presence of exchangeable cross-links, which enable reprocessing of these thermoset-like materials. Vitrimers contain cross-links that enhance melt strength, chemical resistance and creep performance. To this date, research studies have mainly focused on study the chemistry of these cross-links. The Polymer Engineering Center is focusing on understanding the processing of vitrimers during the initial cross-link formation and in secondary processing steps for certain applications, such as extrusion, thermoforming, foaming and composite processing.

The following research topics are being addressed:

  • Characterization of reaction kinetics
  • Chemorheological characterization
  • Modeling rheological properties
  • Thermo-mechanical properties
  • Secondary processing
  • Reprocessability